D. Education and Certificates

This section allows you to upload all your academic Certificates like Diploma, Transcript of records, Training Certificates etc.

To upload:
  • Click Edit Resume
  • Verify the Account
  • Education and Certificates

This is the sample Passport Photo:

*Note: You can upload more documents as much as you want to. Just click + button at the lower right corner.

Training Certificates

Training certificates can help your profile to stand out from the rest. If you happen to undergone, NCII or housekeeping training, First Aid training, Caregiving Training etc. you may upload a clear photo of your certificate.

Academic Certificates

Academic Certificates is a document that certifies that a person has received specific education or has passed a test or series of tests. Also called School Certificates.
This is a proof that you have completed the level of education. You may upload your secondary and tertiary diploma. The Certificate should clearly show your name, the school where you graduated and the the school year you have attended.
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