How to Interview Potential Helper Candidate?

Interview is an essential part of hiring process. It will filter out the best candidate and ensure who is fit with the position.

Effective ways on how to interview the candidate:
  • Create Job post/description
    A job post is a starting point in hiring a suitable helper. It is a useful tool for employers to tell applicants exactly what task you expect them to perform. It will also help them to decide if they are not good fit or not interested on it.
  • List down your prospective candidates
    MamaHelpers App has provided you with a feature where you can list all your bet candidates. You can simply bookmark them and add them to “Shortlisted candidates”
  • Setting appointment
    Set a convenient time with the applicant, select a location with good ambiance and less annoying environment that might distract the conversation.
  • Write down interview questions beforehand
    Create an open-ended question so applicants won’t answer only with simple “yes” or “no”. The purpose of the interview is to gain more knowledge about the applicant. It will allow engagement to the conversation therefore making her at ease.
  • Take down some notes during the interview
    Making list is a good way to take down necessary or key points to remember. Write down those with admirable answers and make comparison. It can help you decide which applicant is best suited in.
  • Get to know the candidate/applicant
    Looks can be deceiving. More likely, we can judge a person through a good conversation. You can tell whether an applicant has eagerness and sincerity with the job offer during the interview. Know who is passionate enough through her words and actions.
  • Ask detailed and relevant question
    Aks meaningful and relevant questions pertaining to the job you offer. Never cross beyond the line nor ask about personal questions which is unrelated to the topic.
  • Be a good listener
    Effective listening encourages the applicant that they are valued as well. There is reciprocation in good communication like a mutual exchange. If you are a good listener, same goes to you. Applicant will be more focused on you and will feel your sincerity towards him/her. It will foster meaningful relationship.
  • Evaluation
    At the end of the interview, you need to ponder or make an evaluation on each candidates. Add it on your take down notes.
  • Be amiable
    Make sure you greet the applicant just before and at the end of the interview.
    By then, you will gain respect.
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