Tips on writing creative Job Post

A Job Post is very important in choosing a right candidate. You are letting the applicants know about the opportunity you offered. Ideally, you’d like to quickly get to a short list of people who is a good fit for the position.

Here are some tips for building a great post and attract the best candidate:

1. Write a good Introduction about the Job you offer. Make it more exciting and tell why your home is a great place to work.

2. Set your expectations so applicants can evaluate themselves if they are suitable or not.

3. Make a priority list of the task an applicant should undertake, by then they can come up to the thought of prioritising their main obligations in case they’ll be hired.

4. If you are an employer looking for a helper, it is good to write a description about your family. Make it more encouraging and inspiring. The applicants will most likely to have a feeling of excitement too and will be comfortable with you upon conversation.

5. Mention some of the necessary requirements that you asked for so they can prepare such just before the interview. Eg: CV, Resume, Biodata, their contact number, email add etc.
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